Mrs. Ghada Nazih has been rewarded for her diligence, dedication and excellent work performance during her 10 years of service with Nobani & Co. Mrs. Nazih started in the company as a Junior Accountant and through her enthusiasm and great efforts and with the support of Nobani & Co. management, she was able to progress in her career as she now holds the position of Tax and Outsourcing Services Manager. Nobani & Co has been keen assisting women achieve their potential by providing with certain facilities such as Working Flexi Time. This has in particular increased the efficiency , helped Mrs. Ghada in her career and gave her the opportunity to advance and assume a managerial position and also she has succeeded in both her personal life as homemaker and her work life as a career employee. She sets a good example to be followed by working mothers who aspire to realize their potential as they can excel at home and in highly professional and managerial tasks.

Nobani &Co. management is keen on the development and well being of its staff and highly appreciates and rewards hard work. It believes that the company's success is due to its good work environment and excellent  performance of its staff.